Ah Chooooo!

Why do so many of our patients tell us that they get sick less often since receiving Chiropractic care?  Honestly, we don’t know the exact mechanism but research and science are giving us more and more clues.  None the less, our clinical experience in practice over the last 20 years has demonstrated this response from patients consistently.  Let’s dive in a little:

For proper immunity, we require a communication system that correctly perceives what’s going on in the body, and then an appropriate response to that information.  Numerous research studies have shown that chiropractic care impacts immune system function in a positive way. Here are just a few of the research papers to give you a taste. One study, “Enhancement of in vitro interleukin-2 production in normal subjects following a single spinal manipulative treatment”clearly demonstrated an increase in IL-2 levels and also in the function of T-cells, which are key players in the immune system’s army of cells, following chiropractic adjustment. The authors concluded that chiropractic adjustment can influence the biological immune response (click here for the article). In another study by Selano et al, “The Effects of Specific Upper Cervical Adjustments On The CD4 Counts of HIV Positive Patients'” (Chiropractic Research Journal 1994; 3(1): 32-39), the effects of six months of regular chiropractic care on the immune system function of HIV patients was measured. At the end of six months of care, the patients who had received regular adjustments had a 48% increase in the number of CD4+ T cells (p=0.06), whereas the patients who were not adjusted had an 8% decrease in CD4+ cells.
A series of studies published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Theraputics (JMPT) by Brennan and Triano showed that several types of immune system cells, including phagocytes, neutrophils, and PMNs, showed increased biological activity after chiropractic adjustment. These studies all again suggest that the chiropractic adjustment can enhance immune system function. Links to the PubMed abstracts can be found here and here.

I’m not going to dive into the history of the Spanish flu outbreak in 1918 and Chiropractic’s positive role in this blog but watch for it in the future as it is very interesting and encouraging.

While I know that many people don’t want to read research papers (like I do),  but I also realize that sometimes we chiropractors take for granted that people understand how the chiropractic adjustments we deliver impact their overall health.  The adjustments are impacting your nervous system health and therefore contribute to your life in so many ways.  We are thankful to be able to help so many people in so many ways!  In future blogs I will continue to provide you with the science behind the adjustment and what happens inside your body – its so cool!  Can’t wait to share!  In the meantime, make sure you follow our facebook and twitter pages for the most frequent information, and guide your friends to our main website page to contact us.

Dr. Lynne

Christmas Gift of Health

The Christmas season is all about LOVE. We feel our relationships (with God, our family, our friends and others) are the most important thing in life and second to that is our health. This Christmas, for our existing patients, we would like to help you and those you care about with both, through our Gift of Health program!

The Purpose of the Gift of Health program:
1.To provide the people  our patients  love and care about the chance to see what chiropractic can do for them.
2.To raise money for children through Chiropractors with Compassion.

Chiropractors with Compassion
Healing hands around the world are joining together to release children from poverty. Our office is a proud partner of Chiropractors with Compassion and we donate $20 from every new patient who comes in from the gift of health to help fund child-centered projects around the world!

What YOU can do:
1.Bring in a list of names (we are hoping each family sends 2-5 cards or more to help reach more people).
2.Personalize a Christmas card for each family on your list in the office at our card station. We encourage you to write a special greeting in each one to make it more special. Use our cards or bring your own.

What WE will do:
1.Pay for the postage and mail your cards for you. Each card will have a gift certificate in it for a free initial exam and 2 weeks of adjustments! If you want us to mail out ALL of your Christmas cards this year, bring us your cards with addressed envelopes (unsealed) and we will add in a gift certificate to each one and mail them out for you. We have chiropractors all over Canada and the United States who will honour this card, so don’t hesitate to send it out to anyone.
2.Make a $20 donation on behalf of every person who comes in for an initial exam.

Cost to you: $0 Cost to them: $0


Bring us your Christmas mailing list and we will send each family one of these Christmas cards with a gift certificate in it for a free initial exam and the first 2 weeks of adjustments!

God can take that one small action step and multiply it. If you act, God can increase your actions. Just like when a boy gave his small portion of two fish and five loaves of bread to Jesus and Jesus multiplied it to feed over five thousand people with lots of leftovers.

Thank you for your help in our mission to transform the health of our community!

Dr. Geoff, Dr. Lynne, Dr. Shannon, Dr. Jonathan, Jody and Debbie

Sweeter than Chocolate?

It’s Easter and for many it means a love of eating a ton of Chocolate! It’s also got me thinking: why do we give/eat Chocolate at Easter? I think for many people, chocolate brings them back mentally and emotionally to their childhood. It brings them to a calmer time when they weren’t stressed out, they had no responsibilities and they were just plain happy. Personally, I find ice cream (specifically an ice cream cone) can bring me back to that “happy place”.

Those summers…

On some Sundays in the summer when I was a kid, my family of 8 would hop in the green station wagon and head over to the Stoney Creek Dairy for ice cream cones after church. This was such a treat! We could look at all the flavours and choose the one we wanted – any kind we wanted!! I have no idea how often we would go (I’m guessing not too often due to the cost for all of us!) but it has stuck in my memory as absolutely heavenly! Whenever I have thought about this or when I talk to my siblings about it, we always smile and remember how awesome the ice cream was! When I look back at it more deeply today, I see things a little differently…

What I’ve learned…

I realize now that our joy didn’t have that much to do with the ice cream- it was about so much more! That sweetness that I experienced at that Stoney Creek Dairy was actually a sweet overflow from being in church and being surrounded by the love of God. I experienced calm, peacefulness, joy, happiness and most importantly unconditional love. Subconsciously and deeply I knew that I was loved no matter what and it felt great! When I was feeling that way, obviously everything I experienced after that was going to be awesome too! Now pile on top of that sweet love the fact that I was travelling with the people that I loved the most in the entire world and that I knew they loved me! Continue to pile on top of that the freedom I experienced when I could make a choice for myself of what flavour to have. All this together made this an amazing experience filled with wonderful emotions and memories- and oh ya – the ice cream tasted good … I think.

Still deeper…

Still deeper…See when I really try to go into detail to remember the ice cream, I don’t even know what kind I would choose and I can’t remember the taste. That’s crazy because when I have an ice cream cone to this day, I feel joy and freedom! How can it be that I don’t remember the taste when it is the ice cream that I have always associated this great experience with? The reality is, the ice cream wasn’t the point at all, it was the experience of love surrounding me on a deeper level and I just associated it with the physical world! How many other mental and spiritual experiences (positive or negative) have I associated with the physical thing I was doing when I experienced it? How has that formed me into who I believe I am today? Life’s lessons are rarely learned immediately because they need time to mature just as we do. It’s funny because just now as I am writing this, I now also realize why there’s something special about a bacon and eggs breakfast that brings me joy. Guess when I would have bacon and eggs? You guessed it – after church and with my family surrounded by love! Think about your favourite place or a favourite possession and you will quickly find that it is your favourite because it reminds you of some sort of love.

Back to the Chocolate…

Back to the question of why we give chocolate and chocolate eggs at Easter… I have no idea! Maybe it’s to symbolize that inside an egg is new life and new hope. Maybe its because it physically makes us feel good, maybe it’s to remind us of our childhood memories of innocence and happiness, maybe it’s to remind us that pure love is so sweet, maybe its a family tradition, or maybe it’s just because society does it and has marketed it to us. I know it’s not because milk chocolate is good for us! (Yes I know dark chocolate is good for you in many ways!). Regardless of why others do it, if you give gifts or chocolate, why do you do it (or not do it)? It’s important to ask yourself that question because you may be surprised what the answer will reveal! You will hopefully realize that it has nothing to do with the chocolate!

For our family…

This Easter weekend, I hope you have an amazing time no matter how you celebrate it! For our family, it is definitely not about the chocolate. This is a weekend to remember what pure sacrificial love looks like, and how there is always hope and new life thanks to Jesus. Nothing can replace and no chocolate is sweeter than knowing and feeling this type of unconditional love that only He can provide. You don’t have to work for it or earn His love – it is freely given to each of us to experience and we have the amazing choice to choose to accept His gift! Feel it and choose it (just like I did all those years ago when I felt the love and the freedom to choose my ice cream) and you will experience peace, joy and freedom every day!

The sweetest gift…

If you’re thought that the gifts you give are about the physical thing that you give, I hope from this blog you see the folly in that. It’s not about the thing, it’s about what you are giving and representing with the gift! I hope and pray that when you eat your chocolate this Easter, you think about how SWEET pure LOVE is and if you give any gift (including a gift of chocolate), please don’t forget to give the SWEETEST gift of all – LOVE!! Blessings, Dr. Lynne

Matcha Maca Tea Time!

I’m not a coffee drinker however I do love to start my day with some Matcha tea 2-3 times a week!  Here’s a video that shows you how I make one of my favourite teas. This tea is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, good fat, protein and more so I’ll include the recipe below as well as details on all the good stuff in it!

Let’s make it…

What’s in this tea…

Matcha tea is loaded with antioxidants and polyphenols which can help to protect against heart disease, help regulate blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and has anti aging properties to name a few.  It’s important to get a high quality source from Japan because often times tea from China have lead in them.  I only drink this tea in the morning 2-3 times a week because it does have caffeine in it.  

As for the Maca, it is an acquired taste which I love!  Maca is a cruciferous vegetable and has carbs, protein, and a little fat.  It also has Vitamin C, copper, Iron, Potassium, Vitamin B6, Manganese and fiber within it.  Endurance athletes find it helps their performance while some others have said that it helped them with menopausal symptoms, as well as increasing their energy and mood.  

The Coconut oil is a good fat that is a medium chain triglycerides which has been shown to have many health benefits including increasing fat burning and various other metabolic roles in the body.  

Lastly stevia is a natural sweetener which is made from the stevia leaf which does not raise your blood sugar.  

Specifically the ingredients are: 1/2 tsp Matcha (ideally from Japan), 1/2-1 tsp Maca (ideally from Peru), 1 tsp coconut oil, 1-2 drops stevia.  The health benefits are awesome about this tea however the best thing in my opinion is the taste!  

I hope you enjoyed the video and more importantly the tea!

If you want to start making positive changes in your life, check out our team, our services, our previous blogs, facebook page, twitter, and youtube channel.

Blessings, Dr. Lynne

Healthy Investing…

Normally I don’t look at the health of the stock market but over the last few months there’s been a lot of talk about the stock market – people deciding if it is a good time to invest, or not to invest, and trying to predict future values.
I have some key information and can say without hesitation that it is absolutely ESSENTIAL that you are investing right now, TODAY!! And I’m going to help you to decide what investments are right for you…


Lets define investing first – my definition goes something like this:
The act of committing time, energy and resources with the expectation that there will be a greater return on that investment in the future. ie it will have a perceived higher value later on and the value at the end is worth the initial commitment and sacrifice.
health or moneyMost people think of investing in financial terms. They come up with a plan and work hard at their jobs in the hope that through investing their earned money, all of the time and energy spent working will pay off and earn them enough money for their retirement. You commit a specific amount of resources (money) to buy stocks, or bonds, or real estate etc and hope that it is worth more later on down the road.  The great thing about investing your money is that you can tangibly see and measure the return – it either goes up or down in value.  The problem is, there is no guarantee that the investment will be worth more in the future – you could lose it all!  For some, this is the only kind of investing that they are focussed on and if it goes bad then they feel that they have lost EVERYTHING.  I want to talk about investing in a different way…


What if I told you that there is a healthy way to invest so that you always see growth from your investment?  I would like to help you see the concept of investing in a different light, one that is more far reaching!
Now, take a moment right now and think about what your life would look like in 10 years, 20 years, and your vision of your life at retirement and beyond.
I would expect that a financial goal you previously set would help you to achieve many of your goals however I would also expect that in your vision there would be other people and loved ones that you are sharing your life and retirement with. I would also expect that you would see yourself being active and smiling and laughing and healthy. It’s fun to imagine isn’t it!
retire on a boat
I firmly believe that your RELATIONSHIPS are the most important thing in your life.  Your relationship with yourself, God, family, friends, workplace, community to name a few.  I also believe that your HEALTH is the next most important thing.  In my opinion, what good is a financial plan without a HEALTH AND RELATIONSHIPS PLAN?  These are the things that I would like to see you investing in!

Self Assessment

Now, take out your journal (I hope you have one), and critically assess what parts of your vision you have INVESTED in TODAY?  Remember, this is your time, energy, and resources (only one of which is money).  What have you failed to invest in …yet.
Show me where/on what/with who a person spends their time, energy, and resources (eg money) and I will tell you what their priorities are and what they value the most.

What are the things that you value in life the most?

Are you investing your time, energy, and finances into those things?

In what area are you doing a great job?

Where can you improve?


Most people have put together a financial plan for their future

Many people haven’t made a plan for their health or for nurturing their relationships.
health checklistHave we intentionally invested in the people and relationships in our lives?
Have we invested in our health and the health of our loved ones?
A spouse that is unhappy in retirement will not help you realize your vision of an amazing relationship together later.  A spouse that is unhealthy will also make retirement dreams more difficult.
How much of your time and resources are you spending on your spouses health and happiness? Have you encouraged them to take care of themselves lately, have you gone for a walk or run together?
How much time, energy and resources have you spent on your own health?
It takes sacrifice and it take figuring out what is most important to you in order to decide what and how you want to invest your time, energy and resources. There’s no easy road, but the road is worth taking!


Let’s talk specifically about your health for a moment.  Perhaps in Canada due to our “free” medical health system, people feel that down the road someone else will be able to fix them or take care of them. As I see friends with aging parents and siblings, this is not the case and we all must take responsibility for our own health. I’ve heard people say that they don’t have enough time in the day to invest in these areas. As a mother of 4 kids who play on 13 different rep teams throughout the year plus school sports, our chiropractic practice, and our home – believe me when I say I know where you are coming from and have felt the same way many times. The reality is though, if we truly value something and want to do it then we will make it a priority and fit it in. Some people feel (many times unconsciously) that they are being selfish if they invest time, money or energy for themselves and their health. A wise women once said “It is so much more selfish to neglect your health than to take the time to take care of it.  It’s selfish to expect your loved ones to care for you in your old age because you didn’t take care of yourself throughout your life.”  I understand that life throws us many curve balls and we can’t control all things related to our health – but do you want to be a burden to your spouse or your children later down the road?  Invest the time and resources now so you can be a blessing to others for a lifetime.
You don’t have to do everything all at once. Just commit to one small area to invest in and work on it.  Over the years I’ve had different areas or people that I placed a greater focus on and invested in at different times.  Maybe there is a specific relationship that you want to pour into over this year – go for it!
health steps
If it feels a little overwhelming to create your plan, we want to help.  Our next series of workshops are going to dive into these aspects and help you to create a plan for your life and your health. We’ll start with uncovering the vision and the dreams you have for your life, then set goals and a detailed plan of how to step it out. We will follow up with workshops on different aspects of a healthy lifestyle : nutrition, exercise, minimizing stress, maximizing quality sleep, decreasing toxins in your environment and more.  Stay tuned for our next blog for upcoming workshop details, and look in the office and on our website under events as well
Lastly, I cannot write a whole blog without reminding you of the importance of your chiropractic adjustments to maximize the function of your brain, spine and nervous system so you can be as healthy as possible – make sure it is part of your health plan!
In the end, I believe investing is really quite simple – Have a vision, set some goals, come up with a plan to achieve it, and then do your very best to execute the plan!
I look forward to helping you along your journey!!!
Dr. Lynne

Are these 5 things killing you?

1- Your Attitude
This can be the most devastating thing that is robbing you of health and joy. Research shows that those negative thoughts that you have create a neurological and physical change in your body chemistry and cause a breakdown cascade of events. Remember – YOU CHOOSE your attitude, your circumstances do not!
Action: Write down 3 things you are grateful for every day for 3 weeks and see how your attitude changes!

2- Your Kitchen Cupboards
Since everyone knows that clean, fresh, wholesome food is essential to health and life, why are most people eating foods that are killing them? Simply put, they have got into the habit of it and they are afraid or feel unequipped to make changes.
Action: If you want to be equipped for change, come to our next workshop: “Advanced Nutrition made Easy” We guarantee that you will come away with things you can start immediately that will transform your health and life! Register here.

3- Your Couch
New research is showing how sitting has detrimental effects on your health and life. Sitting is now considered the new smoking. The more you sit, the worse it is. Being physically active is a way of life, not just an exercise routine you do 3 times a week.
Action: If you watch tv, do sittups, pushups, jumping jacks, lunges etc during commercials. Also, put yourself in environments that support movement and fun. Find out when our next walk/run group starts by joining our email list (max is 2 emails per month).

4- Your Posture
Yes, your mom was right when she told you to sit up straight! Research shows that curled shoulders and head forward posture is correlated with earlier death. Most people think posture is something they consciously do and can therefore correct it by thinking about it more. For most people this isn’t the case. It is actually caused by a previous asymptomatic injury that has healed in wrong and therefore must be corrected in order to correct the posture.
Action: If you want to fix your posture, see a local chiropractor who specializes in postural and spinal correction (like us☺). Click here to book an appointment.

5- Your Perceived Stress
Yes, I said perceived. Stress to you is joy to someone else. When you perceive something as stressful, it creates a cascade of events that eventually leads to an increase in cortisol in the body. This is linked to most chronic diseases that we see today.
Action: Either lower your chances of having stressful circumstances (tough to do most times), or change your perception of the stressor. Look at it in the context of “In my eulogy, with this be a major part of it”. If no, then relax a little, trust a little, and have a little faith!

Finally, action is required to move to where you want to go in your health and life. Which one of the action steps above are you going to take – after all, remember that your life depends on it!

The Run is your Life…

If you want to improve your life in 2016 then this article is critical for you – read on…

When going on a run people experience so many different types of emotions and every person is quite different in what they experience. Some crave going for a run while some want to throw up by just hearing the word. Regardless how you feel about it, think about your last walk or run (or just the thought of running). What were you focusing on or thinking about? It tells a lot about where you are in your life and your mindset. When running, do you focus on something negative, the pain or soreness, the inability to go faster? Most people have self talk that breaks them down. Some people find they compare themselves to others and feel good when they can go faster than someone, or feel frustrated if they can’t go as fast as someone else. Some are fearful just to try, or just to start for fear of failure. Numerous times people want to quit- some do and some don’t.
What we have learned over our years of training is that the run has much less to do with the body, then it does about YOU. You see, the run IS your life. It brings to the surface how you handle similar situations in life and can teach you so much about not only your body, but also your mind, emotions, and will. Many also find a much deeper spiritual connection as they run. How do all of those thoughts in the first paragraph relate to life and how do they impact things- some positive and some negative? Go ahead, read that paragraph again in a life context, not a run context.  The ability to work through and change those thought patterns do not happen over night.  It takes time and training.
Do you want to improve your life and take it to the next level in 2016? If so, then you have to train, and put discipline into every aspect of who you are. You have to take control of your mind, emotions, will, and your body’s desires. We have your essential first step to accomplish this – join our 14-week walkers and runners training clinic. Whether you can barely walk or you are a veteran marathoner, this program has groups at every level of physical fitness. Even more important than us helping you reach your running or walking goals is that we will help you to train and discover much deeper things within you that will propel you forward in every aspect of your life. Join us on Jan 30 at 6:30 am at Health From Within (2012 Victoria Ave.). Not sure? Don’t worry – this is an amazingly caring group that will be so excited to have you join them. Plus – It’s FREE to come and check it out and participate in this session. You don’t have to decide that you want to join until February 1st. Bring a friend or family member and spur each other on!
Lead by:
*Dr. Geoff Rawson – 7x Boston Marathoner (sub 3 hours), 3 time full Ironman finisher, all world ironman athlete, former OHL hockey Player
*Dr. Lynne Rawson – Marathoner and 2 time full ironman finisher, former member of Canadian Womens National Soccer Team
*Assistant coaches – Colin T and Mike M (Both completed multiple Ironmans and marathons)
What are you waiting for? Just jump in!


Dr. Lynne Rawson

Gift ideas

Trying to find the perfect Christmas gift but drawing a blank? It’s time to think differently this year. It’s time to give something that doesn’t collect dust – something that lasts a lifetime!

Start by thinking about what you hope and pray for – for yourself and for your loved ones. When people get older they always wish they had better health, and one of the main things that people pray for is good (or great) health. Why not give your loved ones that gift – IMPROVED HEALTH.

Wondering how? Read on…

Step 1 – make sure the person knows that they are worth more than the things of the world. Many people don’t get the help that they need because deep down they think other things or other people should take priority over them. You must help them to understand that without their health, they cannot care for others and do all the things that they were placed on this earth to do. How do you do this? Talk to them, and SHOW them that you are willing to invest the time, effort and finances in them and their health.

Step 2 – Give them an opportunity to take a positive step to focus on their health and get healthy. How do you do this? Join them in something that promotes health or buy them something that promotes and improves their health.

Here is a simple yet powerful gift that will accomplish these goals: Give them a gift certificate from Health From Within Family Chiropractic.  They can be purchased in any denomination, or for a specific service!

These Gift Certificates can be used towards:

- Chiropractic Care
- Registered Massage Therapy
- Holistic Nutrition
- Orthotics
- Running/Walking group clinics (Next one starts Jan 2016)
- Health Workshops

To purchase a Gift certificate, call 905-333-3838, email info@healthfromwithin.ca, or drop by the office at 2012 Victoria Ave. Burlington, Ontario, L7R1R4

Check out some other ideas found in downtown Burlington in this Klusster emagazine

Have a very healthy, and joyful Christmas season!

Dr. Lynne

The most important things…

Hi Everyone,

This Christmas season we want to wish you and your loved ones an amazing holiday season!  This is the time of year that the important things of life come to the surface – the relationships in our lives.  For many it is the celebration of the amazing gift God gave humanity – his son Jesus.  This is the ultimate relationship and example of love.  For some this is a time of great joy getting together with family and friends to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  For others, this is a season that brings profound sadness as they miss loved ones who have passed on, or they are mourning troubled relationships that they have around them on this earth.

We always talk about our relationships being the most important thing in life, followed by our health.  This season we hope you continue to dive deep into all of your relationships, lift up someone who may be feeling down, and also keep a focus on your health by getting adjusted and living out healthy habits!


Dr. Lynne