Christmas Gift of Health

The Christmas season is all about LOVE. We feel our relationships (with God, our family, our friends and others) are the most important thing in life and second to that is our health. This Christmas, for our existing patients, we would like to help you and those you care about with both, through our Gift of Health program!

The Purpose of the Gift of Health program:
1.To provide the people  our patients  love and care about the chance to see what chiropractic can do for them.
2.To raise money for children through Chiropractors with Compassion.

Chiropractors with Compassion
Healing hands around the world are joining together to release children from poverty. Our office is a proud partner of Chiropractors with Compassion and we donate $20 from every new patient who comes in from the gift of health to help fund child-centered projects around the world!

What YOU can do:
1.Bring in a list of names (we are hoping each family sends 2-5 cards or more to help reach more people).
2.Personalize a Christmas card for each family on your list in the office at our card station. We encourage you to write a special greeting in each one to make it more special. Use our cards or bring your own.

What WE will do:
1.Pay for the postage and mail your cards for you. Each card will have a gift certificate in it for a free initial exam and 2 weeks of adjustments! If you want us to mail out ALL of your Christmas cards this year, bring us your cards with addressed envelopes (unsealed) and we will add in a gift certificate to each one and mail them out for you. We have chiropractors all over Canada and the United States who will honour this card, so don’t hesitate to send it out to anyone.
2.Make a $20 donation on behalf of every person who comes in for an initial exam.

Cost to you: $0 Cost to them: $0


Bring us your Christmas mailing list and we will send each family one of these Christmas cards with a gift certificate in it for a free initial exam and the first 2 weeks of adjustments!

God can take that one small action step and multiply it. If you act, God can increase your actions. Just like when a boy gave his small portion of two fish and five loaves of bread to Jesus and Jesus multiplied it to feed over five thousand people with lots of leftovers.

Thank you for your help in our mission to transform the health of our community!

Dr. Geoff, Dr. Lynne, Dr. Shannon, Dr. Jonathan, Jody and Debbie

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