This is where families get well

 and stay well .... for a lifetime.

A Little About Us...

Founded in Burlington, ON in 2000, Health From Within Family Chiropractic is a Wellness Clinic with a Mission to Transform the World, one life at a time.

Families choose our office because they want a natural approach to better health. They’re looking for a place that can not only help them with their aches and pains but can truly guide them and give them the tools to live an exceptionally healthy and fulfilling life. Our office enjoys such high levels of patient satisfaction because we explain everything in advance.

Our Wellness Centre Services

We've assembled an incredible team of holistic health experts to help you reach your health goals!



Gentle and Corrective Care



Relax and Rejuvenate



Nutrition is Prescription



Inspire and Empower 


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"When you walk into Health From Within it feels like you are at home!  Dr. Geoff and Dr. Lynne have created a warm, welcoming atmosphere to make you feel at ease.  I  have more energy, clarity and general sense of contentment when I have my appointments with Dr. Geoff.  Thank you Dr. Geoff, Dr. Lynne, Julie and Lindsay for always being there for myself and my family - we are truly blessed!"  Kelly F

“The first week of being adjusted I felt like I was a teenager again. My headaches stopped and I felt like a cloud was lifted out of my head. I had mental clarity and focus I hadn’t had for years. My heartburn was basically eliminated as well.  I feel exponentially healthier now than before I was introduced to chiropractic.  The doctors are excellent and very attentive.” Daryl K

"I have been receiving care for years from Drs. Lynne and Geoff and have always been impressed with their warmth, professionalism and sincerity.  I originally went with severe lower back pain - it was so bad I couldn't sleep properly.  That pain is long gone and I feel they help me maintain a high level of health so I am able to enjoy all the activities I love."  Dianne M