Holistic Nutrition

Discovery Visit FREE
15 minutes
Meet with our holistic nutritionist to discover more about the consultation process or how you might benefit from a personalized protocol – in person or by phone.
Personalized Protocol $200
Two, 60 minute sessions (approximately 2 weeks apart)
The first visit includes a review of a detailed health questionnaire that you have completed prior to your visit. From the information gathered at this meeting, Our holistic nutritionist will research and put together a personalized nutrition plan, including diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. The second visit will be an explanation and review of this nutrition plan.
Personalized 7 Day Meal Plan/Recipes $100
Initial Consultation is Necessary
This will either be emailed to you or it can be included in the Personalized Protocol. Our holistic nutritionist will provide specific meals and recipes for a 7-day period, taking into consideration your health goals and incorporating recommendations made in your personalized nutrition plan.
General Nutrition Consultation $90
60 minutes
If you don’t need or want a personalized nutrition protocol, but have general questions about making better food or lifestyle choices (i.e. how to transition away from processed foods to a whole foods diet), or perhaps you want to learn how to eat well without gluten, dairy or some other food group, this is the session for you. This would also be good for those who would like to know how to be a healthy vegetarian or vegan.
General Consultation & Follow Up $50
30 minutes
If you need a brief visit, either to follow up on a prior consultation or, just want to discuss general nutritional tips.
Grocery Store Tour $100
60 – 75 minutes
Lets go shopping! Go to a natural food market or grocery store where you will learn about new ingredients, what to pass by, new tools, health tips, label reading, what foods provide the biggest nutrient bang and more! Bring a friend for only $50 more.
Kitchen Pantry Makeover $100
75 – 90 minutes
Our holistic nutritionist will come to your house and inspect your pantry and fridge, revealing foods that may be sabotaging your health and will make specific recommendations for healthier versions and give you lots of nutritional tips.

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