The Founding Doctors: Drs. Geoff and Lynne Rawson

Both Dr. Geoff Rawson and Dr. Lynne Rawson (nee Forsyth) grew up in Burlington. They graduated in 2000 with Clinic Honours as well as other awards from the prestigious Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.  Together with their team of incredible support staff and other health professionals, they have built one of the largest family wellness centres in the area where they integrate the most up to date specific scientific chiropractic care with lifestyle coaching to lead individuals (and families) to extraordinary healthy and fulfilling lives.

The Doctors of Chiropractic:

Doctor Geoff Rawson

Dr. Geoff Rawson DC FICPA

Dr. Geoff brings his passion for health and healing as well as his vast experience to every patient that he sees.  Not only does he provide exceptional care to patients, due to his expertise, he is the personal coach to many fellow chiropractors.  He is hired to help them to become the most highly skilled and compassionate chiropractors they can be.  His energy and passion to transform lives is second to none.   Read more...​

Doctor Lynne Rawson

Dr. Lynne Rawson DC FICPA

Dr. Lynne not only has a passion to see her patients get well and stay well through Chiropractic care, she loves to teach and inspire healthy living to entire families.  She is a mother of 4, has been published in multiple magazines, featured on TV, and continually provides workshops for the community on various health topics for natural family health.  Read More...

Other Practitioners in the Building:

doctor Shannon Currie

Dr. Shannon Currie DC

Dr. Shannon's knowledge and skill are only two of the reasons her patients love the care that she provides.  It is her amazing positive attitude that goes above and beyond.  She is passionate about the health and well being of all people so you can see why she gets such great results.  Read more...​

“We envision a world whereby families are educated about the benefits of chiropractic, and are inspired to live a naturally balanced life”